Cosplay FAQ

Cosplay Contest!

Prop weapons are no longer going to be permitted.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Not foam weapons, not plastic weapons, not wood weapons, not cardboard weapons. (If it’s not a weapon or replica of a weapon it’s not banned)
This means no guns, no blades (even huge ridiculously sized anime blades), bats, hammers, sharp shields etc.

Approved items for cosplay: Shields without sharp points, finger nails (even if they are cat claws under 1 inch), whips, staffs, wands, hilts (non metal hilts for lightsabers, swords, daggers etc will be permitted so long as they have no blade attached), rings (without blades), etc For specifics please email pictures of your cosplay item to and bring the full email and response with you to comic con for permission.

Multi pocket Backpacks will no longer be permitted. Single pocket bags will be allowed. (String bags etc) and will be more aggressive with security searches at entrances.

We will also be limiting in and out privileges so please be aware. To re-enter you will need a stamp when you leave, and your badge with wristband before you are allowed in. You also will only be let back in at the 2nd and street ground level entrance and basement doubletree/underground parking tunnel entrance. Please be aware. Nobody will be let back in with only a badge and wristband without a stamp.

Our commitment is to keep family’s and guests safe. We will do all we can to help with this transition.

Photo Op Area

We will have an area set up inside the Double Tree Hotel Lobby to do photo ops with your full cosplay, props and all in the lobby. There will be no restrictions for cosplay placed by the convention on your cosplay inside the hotel property. (You must still observe all City laws and restrictions on carrying weapons). We will have a step and repeat banner set up for you to take photos in front of. Remember to get your hand stamped so you can re-enter the convention from this tunnel entrance.

Dress Code:

Please no pink parts. Public bathing suit coverage must be the base. 60% of backside of both men and women, and 60% of female breasts must be covered (semi private breast feeding areas will be provided if you choose not to use a cover- please inquire at the entrance or with a volunteer). Full groin coverage for both men and women (dance belts or cups must be worn. no genitals visible under clothes will be permitted).  If your cosplay is more revealing (ex:Leeloo bandage outfit) please use a body suit under the cosplay.


Albuquerque Convention Center

401 2nd Street
Albuquerque NM 87102
Hotel & City Guide
In the heart of beautiful downtown Albuquerque the newly renovated Albuquerque Convention Center will be the host of the 7th annual Albuquerque Comic Con



Buy Tickets Here


Police, Active Military, and Fire Fighters get in for free.

You can avoid ticket fees by purchasing at local ticket outlets:

Purchase tickets at:

In Albuquerque:

  • Age of Comics 3700 Osuna Rd Albuquerque 87109 505-884-1776
  • Lobo Anime 1016 Juan Tabo Albuquerque 87112 505-332-0499
  • Twin Suns Comics 6301 Riverside Plaza (Coors) 87120 505-433-9490
  • Just Cos Cosplay 3700 Osuna Rd 87109 505-433-4440
  • Cosmic Closet Cotton Wood Mall Lower Level by Movie Theater 505-261-9170
  • Astro Zombies 3100 Central (across from UNM) 505-232-7800

In Santa Fe

  • We Know Video Games 505-780-5610 Santa Fe Place Mall 4250 Cerillos Road


  • Pojaque Valley High School Anime Club 505-903-8396

All Comic Con guests are subject to change based on professional obligations. Don’t buy tickets until the day of the show if you are only coming for a single guest. If they get called away to work on a film that makes them famous in the first place, they always cancel a comic con appearance.  WE DON’T GIVE REFUNDS ON STANDARD TICKET PURCHASES.

POLICE MILITARY and FIRE FIGHTERS get in for free. Just bring your commission card, badge, or current active duty military ID to get free admission into the event.

Pre-buy tickets to use credit card

Friday $20 / $25 at the door (or after Jan 11 2018)
Saturday $30 / $35 at the door only
Sunday $25 / $30 at the door only

All tickets Cash Only at the door

3 Day Pass $60 (Sold only until January 11th)

kids 6 and under free
kids 7-13 $5 at the door

All VIP Tickets are a 3 day pass
VIP $150 (free front of the line, VIP badge signed by guests with purchase, Free T-Shirt)-
VIP Platinum $250 (as above plus VIP Gift Bag, one autograph from a celebrity guest, and one photo op from guest, Greenroom access)

All tickets Cash Only at the door

If you bought a VIP Ticket, Print out the receipt and bring it to the show. Your name will be on a will call list and you will be given your pass at the door.

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Get your books graded through CBCS at Age of Comics


Get your books graded at through CGC at Surreal Comics