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Bob Luedke

About Bob Bob has been a jack of many trades throughout his professional life, but his one true love has always been in the creative arts...more specifically, illustration and creation of comic properties. He scored his first published work while still a teen,...

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Kitty Kaboom

Making all of her own costumes, Kitty Kaboom is well known for her affinity to "Pose".

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Ashe Kai

Ashe Kai is an Albuquerque Cosplayer quickly gaining notoriety from her armor creations and detailed handmade wings and intricate costumes.  ...

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Jennifer Swartwood

Bio: Jennifer Swartwood is the creator, writer and artist of the graphic novel series The Ferrokin. In the graphic novel industry, she surprised everyone with The Ferrokin Origin published by Theory Comics. By adding a fine art style and basing her story on real...

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