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Samantha Smith

Photo Op Check out Samantha's IMDB for all of her film and tv roles. http://albuquerquecomiccon.com/photo-ops/ Samantha will be appearing Sunday the 14th only. She is as we speak filming...

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Ming Chen

Comic Book Men's very own Ming. His first appearance in New Mexico since his super stardom has hit and he is excited to talk all things collectables and comic books with fans. Bring you questions. Photo Ops...

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Animator Thomas Estrada

"Making Animation Magic" panel description "Get a behind-the-scenes look at what it was like to animate on Disney and DreamWorks feature films. Join animation veteran, Thomas Estrada as he shares unpublished art and stories from his 20-year career working...

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Young Ghost Busters

Non Profit youth program showing kids the joy of service, fundraising, and helping the community. This is a literacy program for kids in El Paso and the surrounding areas. Good work with good...

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