A regular on 1960s TV sitcoms as eggheaded foils to Lucille Ball and many others, playing official types.
One of the finest animated voice artists in the business, Oppenhemer has provided many famous cartoon voices including Mighty Mouse, Skeletor, and Ming the Merciless, among hundreds of others over a four-decade career.
On the short-lived sitcom He & She (1967), Oppenheimer played an accountant by the unlikely name of Murray Mouse. This was most likely an inside joke in light of his most famous role–as the voice of Mighty Mouse. He also did a guest appearance on Happy Days (1974) as Mickey Malph, which sounds like Mickey Mouse.
Has three children.
On The Six Million Dollar Man (1974) was the second of three actors to play Dr. Rudy Wells. Martin Balsam played the character in the pilot TV-movie and, after playing Rudy for seven appearances, Alan left and was replaced by Martin E. Brooks as the third Dr. Rudy Wells for the remaining 45 appearances. Oppenheimer and Brooks later appeared together in “The Execution” (1985).
Oppenheimer and and frequent future collaborator Lou Scheimer were both in the Carnegie Tech Class of 1952, but never met each other in school since Scheimer was in art and Oppenheimer in drama. They found out years later while working at Filmation when Alan noticed Lou was wearing a Carnegie Tech ring.
He was awarded the 1990 Drama Logue Award for Outstanding Performance for “The American Dream” at the Mark Taper Forum Theatre in Los Angeles, California.