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CCP Comics formed in 2007 as a collective of writers and artists coming together to fulfill a mutual dream of creating original comic books. Since then, we’ve self-published quite a few issues and a pair of anthologies, but we’re just getting started. Driven by a furious passion and dedication to break into the industry that we love so much, CCP Comics is one of the most exciting up and coming independent comic book publishers in Texas, which is to say, the world.

We believe the industry can be enriched by investing in all aspiring creators and providing them a means of gaining the experience of working within a team, negotiating contracts, working within deadlines, building their portfolio with published works, and promoting themselves and their work in several settings including conventions and store events. Such is our mission.

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Sal Galindo

Sal Image

Sal Galindo is a self taught artist whose love for drawing and comics began as a child growing up in the suburbs of Chicago. He had been drawing sporadically until joining the Sketch-o-holics of Albuquerque in 2012. Being part of the group rekindled his love for Art and comics.

Sal has worked professionally doing sketch cards for multiple sketch card companies. Sal’s work was also used as the cover art of issue 4 of Drew Leiter’s web novel The Chameleon Chronicles. He has also had his work displayed at Metropolis comic art gallery in Albuquerque NM. In 2014 Sal  joined CCP comics and has continued working in the sketch card field.

Sal currently lives in Albuquerque with his wife Hilda and daughter Jazmin. Who share his love for comics and art.

Atom Todd

ATOM TODD is a ronin artist currently residing in the Austin, Texas metroplex. Created in a laboratory in Philadelphia, he is literally a by-product of years of scientific experimentation. Raised on a healthy diet of Comic Books, Cell Animation and Graffitti, he began heading down a path of creative expression at an early age. With an affinity for those core foundations and a love for Skateboard, T-Shirt and Tattoo art, he embraces multiple cultural influences, as shown in his multi-mixed-media artwork. Whether traditional or digital, spray-can or brush, he sees the world as a canvas awaiting his mark. In his spare time he tells jokes to strangers and is currently developing his own creator-owned graphic novel as a member of CCP Comics collective.


Atom PIC

Ron Root

Ronald Root is an Illustrator/ Concept Artist working in the Denver, Colorado area. After attaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts and Animation, he began work as a freelance artist on various art projects in the animation, game, and film industries. Ron is currently working freelance as a concept artist, accepting commissioned art work, and for the last several years he has been working on his graphic novel project, ‘EnemyStar’.

Anthony Hernandez

  1. Anthony Hernandez: By day he’s a mild-mannered software support specialist, by night and sometimes on weekends, he creates and destroys worlds with a Bic pen (Yes, he still uses a pen).   When he’s not imposing his will on a completely made-up universe or giving friendly customer service over the phone, he likes to spend time with his beautiful wife, Valerie.  They reside in the greatest city in the world:  no, not Gotham City, but there are a lot of bats.  They live in Austin, Texas, the Live Music Capitol of the World and home to Willie Nelson, the Texas Longhorns (his alma mater), and that one Asian guy who won Top Chef.  It’s also the birthplace of his comic book Super Crazy Animal Hand! The ongoing adventures of a Japanese schoolgirl with animal arms and her gimpy sidekick, Ninjaplegic, the martial arts master in a wheelchair.

Rita Moore

I was born and raised in Austin, TX but escaped briefly to Denver, CO to get a BA in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Colorado. Upon my triumphant return to Austin, I’ve had the great honor of being part of the first group of artists and writers that would later become CCP Comics. Since then, I’ve penciled, inked, and/or colored numerous CCP titles including the Soul Bound, Blood and Thunder, Saint, and the new title Dead Robot. 2011 will mark the release of my personal projects, released through CCP, titled FLIP Relapse and Killer Dustbunnies. (For the record, I enjoy coloring comics the most. I feel it’s my strong suit. Y’know. Just in case anyone was wondering…) On the note of coloring, I’m usually at my booth painting away with watercolors, another thing I enjoy.

Robert Saiz

ROBERT SAIZ llustrator, inker, and coloist for CCP Comics, living in the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife and two children. He has training in animation and illustration as well as digital coloring. While not working on various art projects he enjoys spending time with his family, playing video games and going to sporting events. He can be seen with a sketchbook wherever he goes.  You can see his work on future projects for CCP Comics or check out his Facebook page. Image Robert PIC

McLain McGuire

McLain McGuire is the editor-in-chief of the CCP Comics, a collective of writers and artists creating comic books in the Austin,TX area and giving talented individuals in search for that dream of someday working in the comic industry the right tools, knowledge, and experience needed to full fill that dream and goal. McLain started CCP Comics 8 years ago and with his love for comics he is currently in his ninth year lettering comic books and looks to expand his lettering career into the comic industry. By day, he can be found making excellent wine and beer recommendations because he is a beer and wine buyer/ manager. He has worked in the film industry with film makers such as Robert Rodriguez, John Bryant, and many others as a graphics designer and has been in the music industry since 1992 scoring four soundtracks and five full successful albums through his career. Combining his love for comics and music, McLain has worked on lettering a web-comic called Mythica and has also composed and recorded the music for the Mythica kick starter animation score. McLain’s work can be seen in CCP comics #1 selling book Dead Robot, Station 39, Electron Boy which has been featured on CNN and FOX News and all the titles CCP Comics has created McLain has had his hands in. With all this, McLain can be found doing what he truly loves in life hustling, putting forth everything that is him helping the members of CCP Comics get where they need to be to full fill their life long dreams and goals in working in the comic book industry.

Bill Andres

William Andres originally from Jacksonville, Florida . Got his first bite of the art bug after being inspired by the artwork of 1980s pop culture favorites. William Andres is currently pursuing his artistic career starting with CCP Comics, while residing in Albuquerque NM.

Skylar Patridge

her website

CCP Comics – 2014/2015
Skylar Patridge grew up on an organic farm in Illinois, where she spent most of her childhood drawing comics at the kitchen table or re-enacting scenes from Star Wars with her brother.

In college she worked as a newspaper cartoonist while studying Art & Design at Western Illinois University.

She currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she still draws comics at her kitchen table. She is an artist, illustrator and new member of CCP Comics and in her spare time she is battling the forces of evil and drinking all the whiskey.