McLain McGuire

McLain McGuire is the editor-in-chief of the CCP Comics, a collective of writers and artists creating comic books in the Austin,TX area and giving talented individuals in search for that dream of someday working in the comic industry the right tools, knowledge, and experience needed to full fill that dream and goal. McLain started CCP Comics 8 years ago and with his love for comics he is currently in his ninth year lettering comic books and looks to expand his lettering career into the comic industry. By day, he can be found making excellent wine and beer recommendations because he is a beer and wine buyer/ manager. He has worked in the film industry with film makers such as Robert Rodriguez, John Bryant, and many others as a graphics designer and has been in the music industry since 1992 scoring four soundtracks and five full successful albums through his career. Combining his love for comics and music, McLain has worked on lettering a web-comic called Mythica and has also composed and recorded the music for the Mythica kick starter animation score. McLain’s work can be seen in CCP comics #1 selling book Dead Robot, Station 39, Electron Boy which has been featured on CNN and FOX News and all the titles CCP Comics has created McLain has had his hands in. With all this, McLain can be found doing what he truly loves in life hustling, putting forth everything that is him helping the members of CCP Comics get where they need to be to full fill their life long dreams and goals in working in the comic book industry.