DAVID “ARTASSASSIN” HARRIGAN has been a freelance illustrator for the past thirteen years working on a very wide range or projects from book covers and comic book work to t-shirt and Frisbee design. His artistic adventures have even landed his work in the Library of Congress and was shown on stage during a Thomas Dolby concert.

Some of his credits include artwork for Radio Comix, Antarctic Press, Super Real Graphics, Zombies v. Cheerleaders, Girls and Corpses magazine, Imagine FX magazine, Voltron – United and Drawn, sketch cards for several trading card series such as The Pro, Sheena, Vampirella, Grimm Fairy Tales, Lady Death, Transformers and Warlord of Mars, and most recently providing variant covers for Lady Death.

David is probably most well known for his pinup art featuring curvaceous women with a sexy sense of humor and his easy going personality. He is currently working on a few top-secret projects as well as writing the sequel to his first artbook/autobiography Artassassin: Origin/Evolution and developing his creator owned comic title.