2017 Albuquerque Comic Con Exclusives. We do the work, we stand in the line, we get the autograph, and get it authenticated by MVP Services.

Danny Trejo $125.00

Pilou Asbaek from Game of Thrones $125

Walking Dead group of 5 Chandler Riggs-Katelyn Nacon- Scott Wilson – Macsen Lintz- Pruitt Taylor Vince $275.00

You pay shipping or can pick up at the event. 11x14 Prints full gloss

ABQ Comic Con exclusive. The piece is by Bobby Breed, an LA artist who will also be in attendance at the Zachry Wheeler booth January 12th-14th. This is limited to 25 11x17 prints, which will each be numbered and signed by the artist. They will be freebie additions to bundle purchases (buy all three books for $30, get an exclusive Max and the Multiverse print).
Zachry Wheeler (author):
Bobby Breed (artist):
Max and the Multiverse (series title):

Hey there everybody! I am Anthony Delaney, and this here is AyeDee Studio on Facebook! I’m the artist/creator that created all of the artwork and content that can be found here!

This is my ACC Exclusive Print. Come find me at booth 605

Name: Quinn McSherry
Table: artist alley 515