Breaking Bad RV Tours

 Can you please use this verbiage.  I had the names spelled wrong I’m sorry about that

Tour on Friday with Jesus Payan (Gonzo) and Cesar Garcia (No Doze) from Breaking Bad.  

Saturday Tour with Combo (Rodney Rush) and Lucy (Monique Candelaria) From Breaking Bad.  

Take a 20 location tour visiting your favorite film locations from Breaking Bad.  Includes lunch at Los Pollo’s Hermanos, visit Jesse’s house, the Dog House, Tucco’s Headquarters, Combo’s Corner, RV Junkyard, Jesse’s Porta Potty, Crossroads, Jesse and Janes, Dannys Auto, The Car Wash, Walter Whites home, The Superlab and many more on our  3 hour tour. Tour Includes signed autograph, collector badge, day pass to Comic Con and one on one time with Celebrities from Breaking Bad.  

We require a minimum of 8 riders for our tours on board the Celebrity Tour.

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Gonzo and No Doze Friday January 13th 2017 at 2:00PM east side of the convention center.

Combo and Lucy Saturday January 14th 2017 at 3:00PM east side of convention center.