Jennifer Swartwood is the creator, writer and artist of the graphic novel series The Ferrokin. In the graphic novel industry, she surprised everyone with The Ferrokin Origin published by Theory Comics. By adding a fine art style and basing her story on real science and history, she created something unique. Swartwood elaborates on the real science in the back of the actual book and on The Ferrokin website, (all science in the book has been verified by many scientists to make sure it’s as real as possible). She has recently been given the 2016 Career Advancement Award for her work.

But she’s not only known for her series. Swartwood has been a professional artist since 2009 and began showing her artwork in galleries in 2013. She’s known for creating photo realistic paintings, drawings, graphic art, etc. From then on, she began working to develop The Ferrokin into what it is now. She recently began showing more fine art pieces in galleries and sells many to independent collectors outside of a gallery setting. Her artwork has been published throughout the years in magazines, newspapers, websites, books (more than for just Theory Comics), etc. and has paintings all over the US in private collections.

Swartwood also finalist in a national talent competition for singing/music at a young age and has been a professional singer since 2006. She continued to sing for sporting events at Universities around the US until she graduated. In 2013, at WSCU, she was a Team Captain, Academic All American, Conference Champion, and National Qualifier in Track for the Hammer throw. She still holds the 3rd furthest throw in WSCU history for the hammer and the 10th furthest in the weight throw.