Panel Schedule

Panels are basically Q & As with our guests. They give you the chance to interact with our stars personally in front of hundreds and thousands of fans.

Panel Schedules

Friday Panel Room B
6:00pm Ralph Machio and C Thomas Howell
8:00pm Closed until Saturday

Saturday Kiva Auditorium
10:00 Cosplay Safety Meeting Presented by Cara Nichole
11:00 Austin St John the Original Red Power Ranger
12:00 Warriors Come Out to Play with Michael Beck/ David Harris
-1:00 Apache downstairs
1:00 Star Wars with Wedge Antilles and Hobbie
2:00 Rob Liefeld creator of Deadpool, X-Force, and many others
3:00 Ric Flair WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
4:00 Stranger Things with Shannon Purser, Joe Crest, Peyton Wach
5:00 Ryan Hurst with Sons of Anarchy and Remember the Titans
6:00 KARATE KID Ralph Machio, Martin Kove, and William Zabka
7:00 Cosplay Contest
8:00 Cosplay finals
9:00 Join us for Karaoke, DJ, and live music at the Double Tree lounge

Kiva Comedy Show (cancelled)
Saturday Sub Floor Panel Room B
10:00 Doors Open
11:00 Jae Lee the art of your own style
12:00 Lady Death with Brian Pulido Creator and David Harrigan local cover artist
1:00 Chad Hardin Harley Quinn
2:00 Joe Rubenstein Wolverine, Marvel Universe
3:00 Peter David Story Telling
4:00 Assassins Creed Victoria Atkins, Paul Amos
5:00 Marat Mychaels Deadpool to Dead Pooh
6:00 Ming Chen Comic Book  Men
7:00 Closed for Cosplay Contest

Sunday Kiva Auditorium
11:00 Kel Mitchell “Who likes Orange Soda?”
12:00 Kevin McNally Pirates of the Caribbean and Supernatural
1:00 Tom Sizemore Action Thrillers Saving Private Ryan to Heat
2:00 Melissa Santos Lucha Underground and Celebrity Aprentice
3:00 POWER RANGERS with Austin St. John
4:00 TBA
5:00 Cosplay Contest $100 cash prize plus $250 swag from vendors
6:00 Doors closed

Sunday Subfloor Panel Room
11:00 Franchesco Pin Up Art
12:00 Cosplay Support Group with Madison Vanderlingen and company
1:00 Cosplaying at any budget with Bek and Jus Cos Cosplay
2:00 Kawaii Tea Party and Fashion with demonstrations on making jewelry
3:00 UFOs and Conspiracy Theories with Author Ken Hudnall
4:00 Get your film made with Philip B Goldfine and Jim Burleson
5:00 Closed for Cosplay Contest

6:00pm Show closed

12:00 CYFD Anakin Skywalker the ultimate orphan
2pm Frozen Sister Anna and Elsa singing performance ($5 at the door)
4pm Rock and Roll with Rock legends from Quiet Riot, Pantera, and Megadeath

The Frozen Sisters $5 at the door includes photo with sisters

We Know Video Games tournaments and open video game play

LOBO ANIME AND COMICS Open to all ages Anime Room

Cosplay lounge (costumes only)

Comics in Film Festival