Panel Schedule

Panels are basically Q & As with our guests. They give you the chance to interact with our stars personally in front of hundreds and thousands of fans.

They are free to all ticket holders.

Panel Schedules

Friday Panel Kiva
5:00pm Miko Hughes Pet Cemetery to Kindergarten Cop
6:00pm Power Rangers, Johnny Yong Bosch and Karan Ashley and AUSTIN ST JOHN!
7:00pm Doctor Who Peter Davison
8:00pm Kiva Auditorium Launch Party with Steve Cabellero and the FACTION and opening bands Russian Girlfriends and Sonyk Vortex

Friday Panel Room B
4pm Sensitivity Cosplay building free for all kids living with Autism. Join us for masks or cape building. FREE! Hosted by DAVA RENEE COSPLAY
6pm Mad Madi and Ashe Kai Cosplaying for effect

Saturday Kiva Auditorium
10:00 Cosplay Safety Meeting Presented by Cara Nicole
11:00 Roger Rabbit himself Charles Fleisher
12:00 Goku from Dragon Ball Z Sean Schemmel
1:00 Walking Dead Pruitt Taylor Vince, Katelyn Nacon, Macsen Lintz, and Scott Wilson
2:00 Power Rangers Johnny Yong Bosch, Karan Ashley, and David Fielding JUST IN AUSTIN ST JOHN!
3:00 Star Wars with John Morton, Paul Blake, and Colin Cantwell
4:00 Claudia Christian
5:00 Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner Comic Book Legends
6:00 Sam Jones Life After Flash
7:00 Rey Mysterio WWE
8:00 Cosplay Masquerade Hosted by Kitty Kaboom
9:00 Cosplay finals

Saturday Sub Floor Panel Room B
10:00 Doors Open
11:00 Marvel Comics Universe on Netflix Kobi Frumer, Ripley Sobo, and Rob Morgan
12:00 Just Cos Cosplay, Conquering your Cosplay insecurities
1:00 Summer Fontana
2:00 Derek Riggs, ERNIE
3:00 Greg Baldwin, Uncle IROH from AVATA
4:00 Joseph Michael Linsner Comic Book Legend
5:00 Thomas Estrada Making Animation Magic
6:00 Steve Englehart Comic Book Legend who brought us STAR LORD
7:00 Ken Lashley Comic Book Legend of X-Men

Sunday Kiva Auditorium
11:00 Voice Acting with Jamie Marchi, Tara Sands, and Lauren Landa
12:00 Stranger Things with Pruitt Taylor Vince and Joe Davison
1:00 Pilou Askback from GAME OF THRONES Euron Greyjoy
2:00 Doctor Who 7th Doctor Peter Davison
3:00 STING from WWE/
4:00 Samantha Smith from Supernatural
5:00 Costume Contest Hosted by Berna Kenshin
6:00 Doors closed

Sunday Subfloor Panel Room
11:00 Ken Hudnall Stranger than Fiction Writing
12:00 Wigs and Special FX with Berna Kenshin
1:00 “Special Effects Makeup and Latex Prosthetics” with Cree Nicole
2:00 Cosplay with Kamon Tari
3:00 Joel Adams King of the Hill
4:00 Franchesco Pin Up Art and Covers
5:00 Closed for Cosplay Contest

4pm At the Fire Place  bottom floor is the Kids Costume Contest. Just show up in costume and enter to win.

6:00pm Show closed

12:00 CYFD Anakin Skywalker the ultimate orphan
1pm Frozen Sister Anna and Elsa singing performance ($5 at the door)
2pm Colin Cantwell The Creator of Star Wars Ships
3pm Brian Pulido Lady Death and beyond

Open Video Games tournaments and open video game play

LOBO ANIME AND COMICS Open to all ages Anime Room

Cosplay lounge Cosplay Recovery Room (costumes only)

Comics in Film Festival