Each year I try to find a family who is fighting to worst kind of fight against the most innocent and wonderful type of person, and I do all I can to get their fight in front of others. You see cancer targets kids for no reason. No mercy. No kindness. So it is up to us to offer whatever meager strength we can provide to the families in whatever way we can. If we can raise money for them, the family can spend more time together during treatment without worrying so much about bills. If its kindness we can spare, we may provide just the right energy in the universe to make those late nights in pain with momma and daddy, who feel so utterly helpless to relieve it, just a bit easier.

Rhyker is who we found that we  know will add more to our lives than we can ever give back to him, so we are grateful his family accepted our proposal to add him as a guest to our Albuquerque Comic Con. He will have a booth at the con so everyone can visit him and read his story. Hopefully he feels up to being in costume so he can go and meet our guests and get to know his fans.

What we are hoping for is anyone with items we can raffle off to bring them to his booth near the escalators, bring money to put in his jar, bring your kids to meet him, and pray for him and his family as he fights this horrible disease. No kid should have to fight this villain alone.

Albuquerque Comic Con will have very rare collectibles, autographs and prizes we are auctioning off for him. I promise you, this will be the one booth you don’t want to miss out on.

Rhyker!!! Fight on brother. You got this.



Rhyker Jaxon Billy is a sweet, loving, and silly 4yr old boy. He enjoys playing video games, playing in dirt, adores his dinosaur toys, watching Adventure Time, and can’t get enough of his big brother, Rhyson! The two of them run around jumping, screaming, roaring, and “shooting zombies.” No one can make Rhyker laugh the way his big brother does.
We lovingly call Rhyker “Wild Child” and now more than ever “Baby Hulk” because on Thanksgiving Day 2017, Rhyker was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and since has shown us undeniable, super hero like strength. He receives chemotherapy medications daily at home and about once a month in the hospital, for those treatments we have to travel to Albuquerque from Farmington. It is about 370 miles round trip. Rhyker handles the drive very well, and treatments like a champ. He is so strong! We never know exactly what the next month or week, sometimes even day, will look like as far as his care goes.
He is currently in one of many maintenance stages in his treatment plan he’ll have another year and a half to go in order to be considered cured. Rhyker is “so strong and so brave” and we tell him that every day! Keep on smiling our Baby Hulk! You got this!