Famke Janssen

GoldenEye | X-men | X2 | The Last Stand | Days of Future Past |  Knights of the Zodiac

Christopher Lloyd

Back to the future | The Mandalorian | Who framed Roger Rabbit | Addams Family 

Holly Marie Combs

Charmed | Pretty Little Liars | Picket Fences

Tom Welling

Smallville | The Fog | Lucifer 

Michael Rosenbaum

Smallville | Guardians of the Galaxy | Justice League

John Glover

Smallville | Shazam! | Batman the animated series

John Schneider

Smallville | The Dukes of Hazard

Paige Turco

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | The 100 

Judith Hoag

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | Armageddon | I Am number four

Brian Tochi

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | Police Academy | Revenge of the Nerds

Kenn Scott

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | Showdown

Clint Howard

Deep Space Nine | Apollo 13 | The Water Boy | Solo, a Star Wars story

Sam J. Jones

Flash Gordon | Ted | Ted 2 | The Highwayman

Melody Anderson

Flash Gordon | Dead & Buried

Sean Patrick Flanery

Nefarious | Powder | Young Indiana Jones

Tom Arnold

Fubar | True Lies | Transmorphers

Mitch Pileggi

The X Files | Supernatural | Basic Instinct | Walker

Martin Klebba

Mirror mirror | Pirates of the Caribbean | Snow White | Iron Mask

Henry Thomas

E.T. | Legends of the Fall | The Haunting

Isaiah Washington

The 100 | Romeo Must Die | Grey’s Anatomy

Dee Wallace

E.T. | Cujo | The Frighteners | The Howling 

Brandon Adams

Mighty Ducks | Michael Jackson Moonwalker 

Annabeth Gish

Nixon | Mystic Pizza | Beautiful Girls | The X Files | The Haunting of the Hill House

Kristy McNichol

Family | Little Darling | Empy Nest

Edward James Olmos

Selena | Battlestar Galactica | Blade Runner

Brett Wagner

SOA | The Texas Chainsaw Massacre | Monster Garage

Alaina Huffman

Stargate Universe | Supernatural | Smallville

Marc Singer

V | The Beast Master | Arrow

Armin Shimerman

Bioshock | Star Trek Deep Space Nine | Death Stranding

Jason Carter

Charmed | Babylon 5 | Demon Under Glass | Beverly hills 90210

Julian Richings

Cabinet of Curiosities | Supernatural | Man of steel

Dirk Benedict

The A Team | Battlestar Galactica

Seth Gilliam

Starship Troopers | Teen Wolf | The Walking Dead | The Wire

Sylvester McCoy

The Hobbit | Doctor Who | Rob Zombie’s The Munsters

Alexis Knapp

So Undercover | Pitch Perfect

Richard Grieco

21 Jump Street | Booker | If Looks Could Kill

Ming Chen

Clerks III | Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

Thomas J. Churchill

Amityville Trilogy | Devilreaux

Ryan Robbins

Spectral | Passengers | Riverdale

Jason Patric

The Losers | Speed 2 | The Lost Boys | Sleepers

Tim Rose

Star Wars | The Dark Crystal | Dinosaurs | Howard the Duck

Leland Chapman

Hawaii Five-O | Dog the Bounty Hunter

Trish Stratus


Kevin Nash


Booker T


Erick Redbeard


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