About Us

In January of 2011 Albuquerque Comic Con became the first Albuquerque comic convention in nearly 20 years. Each year we have grown in quality, number of guests, and attendance. We strive to continue to grow every year to be a better partner for vendors, better outlet for fans, and a better friend to bigger named guests from Comic Books, Film, TV, and other Entertainment.

We host our events in and around Albuquerque and for the next few years we plan on being at the Albuquerque Convention Center.

Jim Burleson is the owner of Albuquerque Comic Con and on the side he is an actor, stunt man, and movie producer. Often times you will see him getting killed by Steven Seagal, or punched in the face by Dennis Quaid. His IMDB can be found here.

Cody Smith Candelaria is our Director of Operations and besides working 3 other jobs she finds time to coordinate our VIPs, assigns our Volunteers and sees to their swag, and organizes our event layouts. She has been the reason we have been able to grow so quickly and is to blame for the smooth day to day operations of ACC during our events.


Sabrina Mason is our VIP Coordinator or as she likes to be called, the Supreme Overlord of all Things Nerd. She organizes vip events, gift bags, and volunteers surrounding the VIP programming for our Comic Cons


Holly Atwood Mayfield is our Celebrity Volunteer Coordinator supervisor. If you have questions about panels schedules, actor schedules, special needs requests or anything to do with Celebrity Row Holly is in charge.

Manu Quiros is our VP of business and marketing. If you are a sponsor, a fan, or a guest with questions regarding the website or social media, Manu is the one who will be fixing your concerns. If you are looking for a website administrator, Manu is second to none.

To learn more about us you can email acomiccon@gmail.com

Albuquerque Comic Con

PO BOX 1580