Cosplayers, we are no longer doing featured cosplay guests at our events. We want everyone to feel equal in cosplay at the show so if you are a professional cosplayer, you’ll need to buy a space in the dealer hall like other business professionals. We still have our cosplay guests that will be running events such as the costume contests, and those who provide programming for the show who will continue to be featured on the show floor with our other guests.

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Cosplay and Prop Rules:

Prop weapons will be restricted to only foam, wood, plastic and card board. No metal weapons of any kind will be permitted. No Guns that could look real. Even with a orange tip. Regardless of what they are made out of. Do not paint your prop guns to look real or they will not be permitted into the event.


Backpacks and bags will be searched completely each time you enter.  We will be more aggressive with security searches at entrances including wands and pat downs where necessary.

We will also be limiting in and out privileges so please be aware. To re-enter you will need a stamp when you leave, and your badge with wristband before you are allowed in. Please be aware. Nobody will be let back in with only a badge and wristband without a stamp.

Our commitment is to keep family’s and guests safe. We will do all we can to help with this transition.

Photo Op Area

We will have an area set up inside the Convention Center lobby on the ground floor to do photo ops with your full cosplay, props and all in the lobby.  (You must still observe all City laws and restrictions on carrying weapons). We will have a step and repeat banner set up for you to take photos in front of.

Dress Code:

Please no pink parts. Public bathing suit coverage must be the base. 60% of backside of both men and women, and 60% of female breasts must be covered (semi private breast feeding areas will be provided if you choose not to use a cover- please inquire at the entrance or with a volunteer). Full groin coverage for both men and women (dance belts or cups must be worn. no genitals visible under clothes will be permitted).  If your cosplay is more revealing (ex:Leeloo bandage outfit) please use a body suit under the cosplay.