Covid and other viruses travel in large crowds. The Flu, and Covid have similar symptoms that include fever, aches, and pains, and congestion. If you have any of these symptoms please do not attend this show as many high risk fans attend.

We are limiting our attendance to 10,000 attendees at any one time. Please buy early and plan accordingly. If you’ve bought a ticket, the spot is yours so you will be allowed to enter.

We will ask all attendees follow CDC guidelines. Masks are NOT currently required by the state health office. We will adjust all of our policies to fit those guidelines. We are making no independent recommendations.

Lots of sicknesses come from huge crowds so we encourage you to wash your hands and face after every interaction with someone. Soap and water when possible since hand sanitizers have lots of alcohol and it absorbs through the skin. When you can’t get to soap and water, sanitizer is the next best thing.

  • We will not ask for vaccine cards
  • We will not tolerate any rudeness. We will remove people who make others feel unwelcome through their actions. If you feel safer wearing a mask, please wear a mask without fear of ridicule.
  • If you are high risk or concerned that it is too soon, please consider redeeming your ticket for a future event. We will honor this ticket for up to 2 years.
  • If you are sick, stay home. Though tickets are not refundable, we will honor them at our future events. Just email us with your ticket number.
  • Please practice social distancing when possible.
  • Bring a spare mask in case you drop yours on the floor or it because saturated at the event through exertion.


  • Everyone has a reason for feeling how they feel and it doesn’t hurt anyone to just be polite when dealing with others.

We have had several guests cancel for fear of Covid or for flights being cancelled by the airline. Please check the website often for changes.