Panels are basically Q & As with our guests. They give you the chance to interact with our stars personally in front of hundreds and thousands of fans.

They are free to all ticket holders.

Panel Schedules

Panels Room A KIVA   Room B Apache Room  
Friday Kiva closed Friday      
4 Doors Open      
5     DRG 501st Regiment How to join the Troop
6     Ming Chen Comic Book Men
7     Dream S&P Cosplay  
8 Doors Close for the Night Join us in the Double Tree lobby for our Launch Party
10 Doors Open      
11 Michael Pare Streets of Fire, Eddie and the Cruisers    
12 Corey Taylor Slipknot Brian Donovan Naruto
1 Alan Ritchson Reacher, Titans, Blue Mountain State Robert Carradine Revenge of the Nerds
2 David Koechner The Office, Krumpus, Anchorman J Michael Tatum My Hero, Black Butler
3 Zach Aguilar Demon Slayer, One Punch Janeshia Adams-Ginyard Black Panther, Falcon and the Winter Soldier
4 Peter Facinelli Twilight, Nurse Jackie Kellen Goff 5 Nights at Freddy’s, My Hero Acadamia
5 Johny  Yong Bosch, Austin St John Original Power Rangers Bai Ling The Crow, Wild Wild West
6 Mickie James/ Britt Baker Wrestling Divas Sam Jones III Smallville, Blue Mountain State
7 Adult Cosplay Contest $500 first place prize!
8 Dealer Room Doors Close for the Night Join us at the Lobo Theater for our after hours event with Richard Gabai and the Checks with local opener 5 Oclock Revolucion
10 Doors Open  
Andrew Sanchez
Youth Artist Seminar
11 The Warriors   Andrew Sanchez Youth Artist Seminar
12 Sean Kanan and Darryl Vidal Karate Kid and Beyond Melanie Kohn Luci Van Pelt of Charlie Brown
1 Richard Karn and Debbie Dunning   Alex Saviuk Comic Book Legend
2 Robert Carradine Revenge of the Nerds Kathy Coleman Land of the Lost
3 Jad Saxton      
4 Naomi Grossman   Ian Sinclair  
5 Children’s Cosplay Contest $100 first place prize!
6 Doors Closed  



Picaris ROOM
Cosplay lounge Cosplay Recovery Room (costumes only)


Isleta Room



11:00 LGBTPQ

1:00, 3:00, 5:30


11:00 LGBTPQ

1:00, 3:00

In the ANASAZI Room Ground Floor

Xfinity Room Esports Panels
Friday, 1/14 Time Panel Topics
  5 – 6 pm APS Esports: Atrisco Heritage & Esports & memes, the pandemic, social
    eCademy High Schools emotional learning,  toxicity
Saturday, 1/15    
  11 – 12 pm Esports State Winners Esports with top New Mexico Teams, skills
      necessary, balancing sportsmanship with a winning strategy, esports & Covid
  12 – 12:30 pm Esports Health & Wellness Health & Wellness Tips, Importance of hydration,
      how to control tension, relaxation tips, hand exercises
  1 – 2 pm College Level Esports Community Opportunities, Roadblocks & Benefits of Esports,
      Toxicity in gaming, how does esports fit into college level?
  3 – 4 pm APS Esports Positive & Negative aspects of gaming? How to handle difficulties encountered,
      why coach esports?
  5 – 6 pm Becoming a Streamer featuring Known for Valorant
Sunday, 1/16    
  11 – 12 pm Esports State Leaders The future of esports, struggles encountered, Curriculum
      Adoption and how it will change esports
  1 – 2 pm Esports in Middle & Elementary & Middle School Esports – Are girls equally represented? Shoutcasting!
    Elementary School  
  3 – 4 pm Esports, Discord, Gaming Toxicity in gaming, female gamers, aggression and other behaviors – how to handle?
    & Toxicity