Friday: 4pm-5pm were opened.  I’ll have a genre or category of games called “Roll and Writes” or small games that’s about 10-15 minutes long. Most are socially distanced. Also “party” games are available. For most part all types of games from many categories will be available, including RPG’s throughout the entire weekend.

6pm 1st game of Giant Size Catan, $10/person (NM Themed) should end by 8-8:30pm
Saturday: 12noon 2nd game of Catan,  2 people already want this time slot and have their comic con tickets. This should end by 2-2:30pm.
3pm Wingspan tournament (2-5 players), 1 person already for this game. $3/person. This is a “Play and Take” game. The winner takes the game home.
3pm 3rd game of Catan should end 5-5:30pm
5pm Teaching Tiny Towns $1.00 donation minimum, all the money from this and the weekend goes to your non profit
6pm 4th game of Catan, should end 8-8:30pm
Sunday: 11am Gaming Miniatures Painting $1.00 donation minimum goes throughout the entire day.
1pm 5th and final game of Catan, should end 3-3:30pm.  Through the whole weekend if not enough people play Catan I’ll have Disney, Marvel, DC Comics or similar games taught how to play. If people brought their own games they can play them, we’ll have sanitizers at those tables. At the end of each session of the Catan games and others everything will be sanitized. The winner of each Catan session will receive a gift certificate to Slice and Dice.